Kids, Tweens, & Teens

You are never too young or too old to go howl at the moon! 

A bit about my approach to working with kids, tweens, and teens. I work from a developmental framework as each year in our formative years is full of salient changes. I believe in the power of play, nature, and physical activity, which I aim to incorporate into treatment planning. I primarily use play-based therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), social emotional learning, and mindfulness. I have interactive programs that allow me to use play with children remotely.

In some cases, telehealth is not the best fit for a child or teenager. However, to highlight some of the many benefits: (1) It allows flexibility in scheduling for busy families. (2) Often, we feel most comfortable in our own home.  For example, if you have a family therapy session scheduled, grab a fluffy blanket and make a family activity out of it. (3) It eliminates any commute, reducing travel fees and saves time. And, (4) It also allows me to work with families anywhere I hold a license, currently California, Montana, and Wyoming. Either during a consultation or the intake, I will work with your family to best understand the presenting issues and we will determine if telehealth is appropriate and a good idea. My goal is to help your family be successful and I will definitely recommend in-person care if that seems clinically indicated. 

Just for fun, I usually introduce all kids and teens interested to my pet panther chameleon, he’s a pretty cool lizard. I aim to make the therapeutic time as fun as possible for kids.

I can also offer parent coaching, if it seems that you as a parent need more guidance and support.

I am a mom too. Being a mom is the most magical and rewarding aspect of my life. I also experience those days, where I think, “let’s just give up, stay home, and you all can run around like wild animals” because I cannot get us all out the door, lol.

For kids ages 5+, I offer a hybrid of telehealth and outdoor-based therapy for north county San Luis Obispo, CA families. 

I work with children ages 5+. 

For kids under 5 years old, I’d recommend 100% in-person play therapy and/or in-person family therapy. For kids under 5, I can offer parent coaching services.

Typical Therapy Structure (55 minutes total):

  • Kids 5-11 years: 35 minutes 1:1 with child, then 20 minutes with parents/or family session.
  • Kids, Teens 12+: 45 minutes 1:1 with child/teen, then 10 minutes with parents/or family session.
  • The above is my general therapy structure, however the time is flexible for your needs. One day your child may need the full 55 minutes or we need a full family session.

Presenting problems that I can help:

My primary area of expertise is working with children and teens experiencing an anxiety disorder. I have specialized training in working with kids and teens with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. 

I have extensive training and education in psychotic disorders (e.g., Schizophrenia). The presence of a psychotic disorder can occur during the teen years, less commonly in childhood. I work with teens and their families for concern of and ongoing treatment of a psychotic disorder.

  • Anxiety
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
  • Skin Picking, Tic Disorders
  • ADHD interventions
  • Social Skills
  • Low self-esteem
  • Parent-child relationships
  • Managing Big Emotions
  •  and More...